Job losses and security lead AI fear factors

Job loss fears top the list of worries that IT decision-makers have about AI use within their organisation (37% of CTOs), according to Node4’s Mid-Market IT Priorities Report 2024

Results also highlight concerns over the potentially negative impact that AI could have on IT security as 30% said that AI represents a top cyber security threat over the next 12 months.  

Furthermore28% believe AI could expose their organisation to new cyber security risks and 25% think AI could accidentally reveal sensitive corporate information.   

Node4’s suggests that most mid-market organisations intend to seek help from third parties in addressing their lack of security, as well as other key AI adoption barriers.

In regard to dealing with a lack of security, most respondents said they would rely on a mix of cloud providers (50%), retained consultants (40%), and MSPs (34%).

A similar proportion would opt for third-party support to deal with a lack of data availability (cloud providers, 50%, MSPs, 42% and retained consultants, 36%) and data quality (cloud provider, 57%, MSPs, 35%, retained consultants 32%).  

Geoff Barlow, Product and Strategy Director at Node4, said: “We know that great leaps in technology create new roles and opportunities.

“IT leaders should take a proactive stance by educating themselves and their organisation, evaluating the scope, scale and speed of their own AI adoption, putting the right processes in place to facilitate upskilling and engaging the necessary third-party support.” 


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