GoBig Online launches AI voice generator

GoBig Online has this month launched an AI-based voice on-hold solution to address the pain of updating customer IVR and hold messages.

The GoTalk.ai solution will be available through a 100% white label channel approach, providing a portal where customers can type their messages and choose their voice.

The solution has an OpenAI integration that helps write scripts for users and Soundstripe API so businesses can choose music from real brands.

GoBig Online Director Kelly Beattie said: “This solution makes life easier for the customer and the engineers, and there are also huge costs savings involved by negating the need to buy traditional recordings.

Software Manager Kyle Brown said: Reseller can generate strong recurring revenue by offering GoTalk.ai as a subscription to customers. Customers also become self-serve when changing their system greeting which reduces strain on technology.”

The company is hoping to sign up 100 resellers to the solution, with 13 partners currently onboard since launch.

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