Intelisys Global model helps secure major multi-country retail sector deal

Blue Planet Networks, NV Consulting and The Cloud Networks Germany have joined forces through the Intelisys Global model to secure an initial three year contract from an international sports retailer to provide an in-store Wi-Fi service at 40 sites across Europe in a deal worth 130,000 euros with more stores in the pipeline.

Making the most of partnerships established through the Intelisys Global two-tier distribution model, Sales Partner NV Consulting was able to put together a multi-country network solution to support a Wi-Fi package from The Cloud Networks Germany and leverage Internet connectivity services from Blue Planet Networks, a new Intelisys Global supplier partner.

"This project shows how the Intelisys Global Technology Services Distributor model can bring together consultancies, resellers and suppliers to enable new market opportunities," commented Stephen Hackett, MD for Intelisys Global.

"From an initial introduction at our London Mindshare event in September, NV Consulting was able to build out its solution within just a few days, removing all the overheads and delays typically associated with pricing and specifying as this was all handled by Intelisys Global."

Achim Moehrlein, CEO of The Cloud Networks Germany, added: "Working with the Intelisys Global model gives us access to initial supplier agnostic support and advice, along with access to the consultants, technology providers and implementation specialists we needed to create a competitive proposition for our retail customer."

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