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Comms Vision 2017 update: A strategy to create true digital workspaces

In the language of communications it is wholly illiterate to talk about the digital workplace without reference to the space that wraps around new technology implementations.

Comms Vision 2017 update: Creating a foundation for enterprise digital transformation

Ever since the advent of digitalisation networks have been subject to greater demands on performance, never more so than today.

The best way to tackle network shortfalls like latency? Create a solid foundation for enterprise digital transformation, says Mark Lewis, EVP of Products & Development at Platinum sponsor Interoute.

Comms Vision 2017 update: CityFibre-Entanet rally channel-power to deliver Digital Britain

The real question about Digital Britain has little to do with timescales, but more whether the channel will address the opportunity it has to catalyse the roll out of full fibre and create greater competition in the digital marketplace.

Comms Vision 2017 panel debate: Why AI is a friend, rather than a foe

From the fear of losing jobs to widespread apprehension about the all-powerful rise of robots, organisations have to realise that Artificial Intelligence is a tool rather than a concerning and looming force in technology, according to Duncan Gooding, Acting Managing Director for TalkTalk Business, in a Comms Vision panel debate entitled, 'Automation and AI: The new realities of how digital is chan

Comms Vision 2017 update: Time's ripe to drive innovation, says BT Wholesale

The IoT's emergence from the shadows could be the phenomenon of modern communications, according to Steve Best, Managing Director, Product Management, Strategy and Regulatory Affairs at BT Wholesale.

Comms Vision 2017 update: Disruptive times spark network renaissance

Institutions are losing their grip as populations place their trust in networks - and there is no quelling the revolt, stated Comms Vision Guest Chair Andy Lippman - Associate Director and co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab (MIT) - in his conference keynote.

The Comms Vision 2017 Interview: Sir Charles Dunstone, Executive Chairman, TalkTalk Group

Dunstone has a gripping tale to tell and an instinct to make a difference. He also has personal traits that some might class as disadvantages.

Altnet CityFibre forges strategic partnership with Vodafone

A new partnership between altnet CityFibre and Vodafone aims to bring ultrafast Gigabit-capable full fibre broadband to up to five million UK homes and businesses by 2025.

Comms Vision 2017 panel discussion: Capitalising on digital innovation – the new frontier in comms

Businesses are safer than ever in the hands of the young and will soon gain traction if they push forward their upcoming youngsters into work areas they have not before occupied.

Comms Vision 2017 update: Why survival is ultimately a matter of leadership

The future success of digitalisation in the workplace is as much about effective leadership development as it is technological innovation, according to Mark Rhodes, author and international leadership speaker (introduced to delegates by Platinum sponsor 8x8).

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