Westcoast marches into cloud voice arena following NFON UK link-up

Significant market gains made by Westcoast's cloud computing division have prompted the IT distributor to add voice to its portfolio via a new partnership with cloud telephony provider NFON UK. Westcoast says that cloud services are playing a far bigger role in IT reseller businesses and that the NFON UK link-up enables them to seamlessly move to voice.

Channel Telecom's top partners live the high life

Channel Telecom's top partners were rewarded with a four day skiing trip to Meribel in the French Alps where they lived the high life with Michelin style four course meals, luxury chalets, a private hot tub and a sauna.

Comms Dealer Editorial

Is Avaya’s future any less certain than pre-Chapter 11?

Like vultures, elements of the press and a section of Avaya's rivals circled low above the vendor when it filed voluntary petitions under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. With the scent of blood strong in their noses they sniffed an opportunity and grasped at it with both talons.

Company Profile

8x8 UK sets the pace in cloud comms

In the pathways of his career, 8x8 UK's Managing Director Kevin Scott-Cowell occupies a space somewhere between fate and self-determination. You decide. But his disposition to lead from the front in new technology areas and drive emerging markets is without question.

Business Interview

Invosys duo build platform for growth

The next phase of Invosys' growth strategy has begun with characteristic earnest and its business leaders have big markets to aim at and a model that must be admired.

Market Review

Analytics: The channel’s greatest opportunity?

There is no going back on the rise of analytics, it's 21st Century and a widely accepted main feature of the digital revolution. On analytics the market has spoken, and we should remember that resellers will fail to meet customer expectations if they do not take heed.

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Intellia’s on the march

Ericsson-LG champion Intellia has marched into Edinburgh waving the Korean vendor's flag. Its mission is to firmly establish the brand in Scotland's capital having secured a new operational base in the city, according to Directors Tony Whelan and David Fisher.

Company in Focus

White keeps it simple

In philosophy ‘Occam's razor' decrees that the simplest explanation is usually the right one and it's a principle that Paul White has applied to his business life when things get too complicated. The approach has worked remarkably well for him and his NTA hosted services business is now giving resellers a fast and easy route to riches.

Case Study

Portals that open doors

If anyone still needs convincing that the old world order in comms is finished, they need look no further than the scale and scope of portal developments.

Business Profile

A personal story that’s entirely elevating

Here, Dave Trivett, Managing Director of Assembly Channel Services (ACS), reveals how a wake-up call ultimately opened the channel's eyes to the true nature of partner engagement.

News Feature

ITSPA’s two big issues

The Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association (ITSPA) has embarked on a two pronged project this year - to help unravel the tangled issues around number portability and to push the Government into more effectively combating toll fraud. Here, Chair of ITSPA Eli Katz outlines the big lobbying plan.

Recruitment Focus

Money proves just the job in 2017

So the hiring year has started briskly. The first new vacancies started coming in just before Christmas and then the real flood arrived during early January.

Marketing matters

Grant calls for channel marketing reality check

Marketing is too often the black hole of a channel business's strategy, operating in the dark and plagued by spurious planning, claims Bowan Arrow Managing Director Andy Grant who advocates a far more holistic and strategic approach.

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CN Award winner exemplifies pure inspiration

The industry needs more women like ICA founder and Director Pamela Blanchard. Not just to help redress the gender imbalance, but to take the sector to a whole new level.

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