Ofcom 'shake-up' resists full Openreach separation

Regulator Ofcom has stopped short of enforcing the sell-off of Openreach but said BT's infrastructure division should become a legally distinct company within the group that owns its own network, and has its own branding, culture and board of directors not affiliated to BT Group.

Carter soaked as BBQ raises £3k

A staff BBQ hosted by Nimans raised £3,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support and included a wet sponge throwing contest that saw Sales and Business Development Director Richard Carter get a soaking.

Marketing matters

The anatomy of dynamic marketing teams

By Elvire Gosnold, Director, Blabbermouth Marketing: We've recently grown our team with the addition of two new marketers. During the recruitment process I sifted through a lot of CVs and interviewed candidates from a variety of marketing backgrounds.

Company Profile

Nuvola rises in UC era

Nuvola Distribution is a clear reflection of irresistible market forces, and its Managing Director's character, outlook and drive have been equally shaped by compelling influencing factors - so it's no accident that the combination of Nuvola and Michael Lloyd is a force to be reckoned with.

Business Interview

Hansford’s laser focus

A razor sharp focus on the public sector has given Farnborough-based Skyscape Cloud Services an almighty boost, and that's just the start of a bigger story according to CEO Simon Hansford.

Market Review

Platforms of the future

Communication platforms are centre stage and undergoing constant evolution. Here, we take a behind the scenes look at the technologies that are top of mind for R&D experts.

Business in Focus

Why a network foundation is key

We have reached a seminal moment in the comms channel's history and it's time to take your business, and SME organisations, to the next level. That's the upshot of this year's Margin in Voice and Data event that urged delegates to help UK SMEs build their future on an optimised networked foundation.

Company in Focus

Why the customer experience matters

Turning businesses into places fit for today's empowered clients is a matter of complete control over the customer experience.

Case Study

Open for M2M business

The launch of UC provider Zest4's M2M Partner Programme in May sparked a flurry of interest from resellers who have already been fast-tracked to market-ready status. Here, we assess the progress of Zest4's partnership with Arkessa and highlight four real world success stories.

Business Profile

Hosted telephony advocates urge greater uptake

The market for hosted telephony is no longer new or emerging and early doubts about its success have become a non-argument, but large numbers of resellers are yet to go hosted. Here, we canvassed the views of some key channel suppliers who urge all resellers to join the hosted telephony rolling campaign convoy.

News Feature

White outlines game plan for growth

The rebrand of Cheltenham-based Total to Bamboo Technology Group signals a new phase of ‘change and growth' according to Managing Director Lorrin White whose strategy is founded on ambition, stakeholder growth, long-term partnerships and a revamped channel programme.

Recruitment Focus

Sharper focus on hiring post-Brexit

We used to think that people don't like change, but clearly they do. While the ramifications of leaving the EU will take years to become apparent, the impact on business and jobs is the most immediate concern today, writes Clive Jefferys of recruiter JMA Network.

M2M Matters

Davidson champions IoT

Enter Iain Davidson, Product Marketing Manager at Arkessa, a tech-immersed marketeer with an irrepressible passion for improving the world via the Internet of Things.

Technology News


Special Feature

Dealing with disruption in the age of the Platform

The new world of platform-driven communications takes centre stage at this year's gold standard Comms Vision Convention, and while the growth opportunities are significant, challenges must be overcome to realise the market potential, writes Content Director Paul Cunningham.

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