Symantec joins Giacom's Cloud Market

Giacom's 4,000-plus resellers now have access to email and web security protection for Office 365 from Symantec following its addition Giacom's Cloud Market.

Jonathan Connor, Sales & Marketing Director at Giacom, commented: "With 568,000 web attacks per day and £3.7bn lost to financial email fraud over the last three years, protecting critical business data against cyber threats is vital.

"Symantec's Global Intelligence Network is built to protect SMEs from the world's malicious cyber-attacks."

Symantec's Email Protect and Email Safeguard solutions are designed to prevent data leaks and ensure compliance through granular DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and encryption controls

Its Web Protect & Control features anti-virus and anti-spyware defences at Internet level, coupled with web policy enforcements and a URL filtering engine.

Toby McDuffie, Senior Director of Global Channels at Symantec, added: "Launching our email and web security solutions in the Giacom Cloud Market presents us with an opportunity for expansion into the UK reseller marketplace, enabling IT professionals to leverage security software so they can boost their bottom line and protect end users from malicious cyber threats."

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