Mitel launches new programme, leverages two-tier distribution and consolidates channels

Mitel has revamped the way it engages and interacts with channel partners with the launch of a new integrated Global Partner Programme based on elements of the previous Mitel and ShoreTel schemes. The Canadian vendor expects to unify its partner programmes across regions in Q2 2018 and also announced plans to consolidate its channels as part of a distribution strategy refresh.

The Platinum, Gold and Authorized designations have been restructured to incentivise and recognise high growth partners; while a point-based system measures cloud and on-site partner performance, focusing on driving cloud growth.

Partner support includes a revised approach to marketing marketing funds, growth incentives, marketing and technical assistance, deal registration and an enhanced demo programme.

In other news, Mitel revealed its intention to increasingly leverage two-tier distribution in support of its overall go-to-market strategy; and consolidate channels to enable a smaller number of distributors to hold increased inventory, provide sales quotations and support, manage certifications and user training, and offer technical support and professional services.

"As cloud, applications and IoT become part of everyday business processes, organisations need the flexibility to collaborate and effectively maximize all tools at their disposal," said Todd Abbott, Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Services, Mitel.

"By introducing this new partner program and aggregating our product distribution, we are ensuring our customers have the collaborative technology they need in order to communicate at the pace today's markets demand."

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