Konftel extends mobile app to more phone models

An enthusiastic reception to Konftel's mobile app - first rolled out for the 300IPx conference phone - has prompted the company to make the app available via an adapter for the 300Wx and 300Mx models.

The adapter is inserted into the Konftel phone's SD card slot.
?"The mobile phone is a vital tool for everyone in business today," said Peter Renkel, CEO of Konftel.

"We keep all our business contacts and colleagues' phone numbers on them, but we still want professional sound and all the functions of the conference phone at our fingertips during a remote meeting. Now we have a solution.

Meeting participants can use the app to launch a conference call on a Konftel phone with just one tap after keying in the meeting data.

Global Sales Director Tommy Edlund said: "We know that many people want to be able to control the conference phone via their smartphone and use their personal contacts and calendars with the conference phone."

Konftel will launch the adapter at IT Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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