IOVOX launches multi-channel data analytics solution

A multi-channel data analytics solution introduced by IOVOX enables marketers to drive more inbound calls and make more informed marketing decisions.

"The new Multichannel Marketing solution applies a unique phone number to each referring domain that generates call traffic, whether it's paid, organic, social, email or even offline," said Carl Di Cicco, Chief Commercial Officer.

"Combined with analytics from IOVOX, marketers have insight into the performance of each channel and can tune spending accordingly. In early customer implementations the IOVOX solution has led to significant cost savings.

"Despite the perception that interaction is all moving online, business phone calls continue to grow and marketers are waking up to the need to track what marketing spend is driving the all-important call.

"The IOVOX platform allows multi-channel marketers to track which media channels and driving calls with 100 percent accuracy."

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