Entanet launches in-house built hosted voice service

Entanet is targeting Broadsoft's strong presence in the VoIP SME market with a rival hosted voice service developed in-house using the FreeSwitch and OpenSIPS platforms.

According to Entanet its software development team has achieved 'differentiation' in the nature of the service's features and flexibility, which were determined in large part by feedback and collaboration with certain channel partners during the development process.

Head of Products Paul Heritage-Redpath said: "From the start we involved several of our channel partners and their feedback was invaluable.

"They told us they needed a resilient, reliable hosted service that will help them differentiate, is competitively priced and provides healthy margins, is hassle-free in terms of ordering, management and billing and that is delivered via a proven platform and network with support."
Entanet's new service incorporates a new billing platform and is available via its synergi partner portal on a 30-day contract with no upfront capex requirements.

According to Heritage-Redpath Entanet's software development team are primed to quickly adapt the service to the evolving needs of the market.
The service is also white-labelled and all hosted voice traffic is prioritised across Entanet's network.

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