Comms Vision 2017 update: Why survival is ultimately a matter of leadership

The future success of digitalisation in the workplace is as much about effective leadership development as it is technological innovation, according to Mark Rhodes, author and international leadership speaker (introduced to delegates by Platinum sponsor 8x8).

In his Comms Vision keynote Rhodes explained what transformational leadership means in the more complex digital workplace, and why business and cultural change is imperative and can be achievable without having a negative impact on customer service at this time of unprecedented workplace transformation.

But he cautioned that too many boardroom execs fall short of what is required to lead their business successfully into the digital era.

"Transformational leaders must know how to nurture and coach people to over perform," he stated. "People are unhappy and unresponsive when their reality does not match their expectation. You can reset expectations, but you need to understand what they are. You cannot survive by doing the base minimum."

Rhodes categorised transformational leaders as those who prioritise and disseminate a company vision, develop a thriving culture, and who believe in their teams and people - rather than get stuck on matters of accountability and the like.

"People need to be led to a different place, not managed there," added Rhodes. "They need to understand how transformation can work for them and the business, rather than focus on negativity. It's simple stuff, but too many leaders over complicate what's good for their organisation."

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