Collaboration trends top Yealink-Microsoft event agenda

Collaboration trends topped the agenda at an insight event staged by Yealink and Microsoft that also featured Nimans' Compendium IP end point management proposition.

Delegates experienced the latest Microsoft ‘Intelligent Communications' compatible products and saw Microsoft's Intelligent Communications Marketing Manager Kerri Hollis outline the future of collaboration and the role of Microsoft's Teams platform.

She noted how the modern workplace is changing, based on five generations of people needing to work seamlessly together, using multiple devices.

By 2020 72% of people will work remotely. The average person checks their devices 150 times each day searching on 8-10 applications - and around 80% of time is spent collaborating with others, according to Hollis.

Yealink has sold 15 million products worldwide and has developed an enhanced video conferencing portfolio that features the VC800, VC500 as well as the VC200 devices. Its WPP20 wireless content sharing dongle was also on show.

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