Cloudian reports sky high global growth

Enterprise object storage company Cloudian reported a number of growth metrics in 2017 including bookings from repeat customers up five-fold, a doubling of its customer base while revenues increased in every global geographic segment.

More than 200 customers currently use Cloudian's object storage technology to manage their data.

The company says these numbers point to the growing need for scale-out storage solutions at a time when artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, high resolution video and other data-intensive applications require businesses to manage data that is growing at an unprecedented rate.

In 2017 Cloudian also introduced new products designed to solve two of the big issues confronting storage managers: HyperFile extends scale-out capabilities to file storage; and HyperStore 7 provides companies with multi-cloud capabilities, giving them the ability to manage data storage on-premises and in the cloud as a single pool.

"Throughout 2017, Cloudian delivered record-high revenues in all four quarters by responding to the tsunami of data that modern technologies are creating," said Michael Tso, CEO of Cloudian.

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