3CX WebMeeting goes completely WebRTC based

3CX WebMeeting v8 - the latest release from 3CX, developer of next generation software-based PBX 3CX Phone System for Windows - is now completely WebRTC based and available in three editions.
3CX WebMeeting offers unlimited user licensing, meaning that all company employees can use unlimited video conferencing for one yearly price per company, starting at €475 per year.
3CX is one of the first developers to harness WebRTC technology within multi party video conferencing, creating a plugin-free and clientless web conferencing solution for businesses.

3CX Webmeeting v8 adds traditional video conferencing features such as recording, remote control/assistance and screen sharing with the difference that it's all based on WebRTC.

The new and improved Version 8 is launched following the success of the integrated version of 3CX WebMeeting in August 2014 and the on-premise version of 3CX WebMeeting Server in February 2015.
Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX said: "3CX's innovative use of WebRTC allows us to deliver plugin-free video conferencing for all. Video conferencing has been plagued by proprietary standards, high pricing and subsequently adoption has been limited. 3CX changes all that."

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