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Enterprise networking vendors slug it out for second

Three vendors are trying for the number two slot in enterprise networking and communications, says market research firm Infonetics Research. The enterprise networking and communication infrastructure market is highly fragmented, with well over 100 vendors vying for a piece of this $50bn market.

SMBs drive European PC sales

Q2 PC shipments in Western Europe have been boosted by ongoing renewals in the SMB space following the end of Windows XP support, says IDC.

European managed hosting set to double by 2018

Managed hosting in Europe is set to double over the next four years, reaching almost the same level as the hitherto larger co-location market.

Software modernisation slower than expected

Levels of software modernisation are lower than expected in most industries, averaging 30%-36%, according to a study by Forrester commissioned by CA Technologies.

The path to modern software-enabled business will take many twists and turns, it says, depending on a particular firm's starting point, environmental features and organisational capabilities and commitments.

SMEs miss a trick by not adopting FMC

The majority (80%) of SMEs have yet to merge their mobile and fixed line telecoms, according to research from Olive Communications.

However, of those businesses that have been through this process, many report benefits including cost savings (72%), improved business continuity (51%), customer service (39%) and the enablement of flexible working (27%)

Over half of UK SMBs to replace IT infrastructure in next 12 months

According to results from the annual Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) report into cloud adoption, 53% of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are currently running a Windows Server 2003 operating system.

On 14th July 2015, one year today, Microsoft will be ending its extended support period for the operating system, meaning there will be no further patches, updates or fixes.

PC sales beat analysts forecasts

Global PC sales in Q2 fell by less than previously forecast, down 1.7% yr/yr to 74.4 million, says IDC, which had predicted a 7.1% drop. This was smaller than the 4.4% and 5.6% declines respectively seen in Q1 and Q4. Gartner is even more positive, estimating shipments rose 0.1%, ending a long string of declines.

Customer engagement systems tipped for growth

CRM and e-commerce are set to be the fastest growing enterprise applications claims Ovum, which says customer engagement systems will be the fastest growing enterprise application between 2013 and 2018.

Ovum points to global wholesale revenue growth

Ovum expects wholesale revenue growth across the globe to reach $142bn in 2019, driven by intensified retail competition.

Although the prices of many commodity wholesale services are falling, accelerating traffic volumes will ensure that wholesale revenues will continue to grow, says Ovum.

Cyber security and data protection rank third on boardroom agenda

Cyber security and data protection have been ranked third in a list of Boardroom priorities, according to a survey by KPMG.

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