Volare puts wings under reseller guest Wi-Fi deals

Guest Wi-Fi specialist Cloud4Wi has announced the Volare Partner Programme, which claims to help solution providers, service providers, and system integrators seize the enormous business opportunity for personalised customer engagement using guest Wi-Fi networks.

The Volare platform uses an over-the-top (OTT) architecture to enable partners to secure high value targets like retail brands, restaurant chains, and shopping malls by leveraging existing Wi-Fi networks. According to Cloud4Wi, the solution will enable businesses to provide superior on-site mobile experiences, while gaining valuable insights into who customers are and how they behave.

"Partners are at the core of our business,\" said Andrea Calcagno, Cloud4Wi CEO and co-founder. "We’ve introduced this new partner programme to make sure our partners are set up for success, enabling them with a new profit opportunity on top of their Wi-Fi services.\"

According to Maravedis Research, it’s forecasted that 100M access points will offer guest Wi-Fi services by 2020, producing more than $25B in annual software licensing revenue. This represents a huge opportunity for partners already selling Wi-Fi as part of their portfolio.

"We’re delighted to participate in the revamped Volare Partner Program,\" said Scott Pedersen, VP, Network Architecture, Pomeroy. "OTT guest Wi-Fi services are a rapidly growing market that addresses both existing and new Wi-Fi customers. The Volare Partner Program includes all the tools we need to take advantage of this burgeoning market opportunity.\"

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