ISPA responds to the Home Secretary on IP matching

Responding to the Home Secretary, who gave a wide ranging speech on counter-terrorism, ISPA, the voice of the UK Internet industry warned against using fast-track legislation and criticised the Home Office for their lack of engagement with industry.

ISPA Secretary General Nicholas Lansman said: "ISPA is disappointed that the Home Office has not consulted with industry on proposals for IP matching, but will work with members to scrutinise and inform the legislation when it is published.

"IP addresses can generally only be used to identify a subscriber and not an individual. As we argued in our submission to the Anderson Review on future communications data laws, the Home Office needs to do more to consult with industry on its proposals. Once again there has been a distinct lack of engagement with industry."

ISPA also criticised Government for ignoring their own review into communications data laws. Lansman added: "Government committed to a review of communications data capabilities by David Anderson QC which we supported, yet the Home Secretary appears to have pre-judged the inquiry by reemphasising the need for a new Communications Data Bill, a Bill that both relevant parliamentary committees rejected."

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