Comms Vision 2021 conference agenda: A deep dive into big market shifts

Comms Vision AgendaIn what has been an unprecedented year, Comms Vision 2021 (10th-12th November, Gleneagles Hotel) will chart the next big comms market shifts as we emerge from Covid-19, map the Managed Services Provider competitive landscape and explore your potential to create customer value, loyalty and sustainability in times of unparalleled market disruption and change.


Day One

  • 12.55 – 13.00
    Welcome comments and introduction
  • 13.00 – 13.40
    SuperSession: Defining value creation in disruptive times

    The sum of major industry transformations such as the move to all-IP, the national fibre roll out, trends in public cloud infrastructure procurement, the rise of data-defined business models and the primacy of technologies such as AI – and the march of mega-disruptive alternative providers – is pushing the MSP world into a period of irreversible change. Not to mention the impact of Covid-19 and the drive for a more sustainable world.

    Comms industry players are wide open to these forces. So much so that the comms channel and its early stage cloud evolution could merely be the precursor to something far bigger – an all-out revolution in communications driven by Super Disruptive forces. In this year’s Comms Vision opening SuperSession, experts will unravel the implications of these trends and identify where the value of tech companies will reside in the future.

  • 13.40 – 14.00

    Gamma VisionTalk: Building long-term success through true differentiation

    Do you know your company’s critical advantage and how that plays to burgeoning markets like UCaaS and CCaaS? Do you know how to win with a capabilities defined strategy? In his VisionTalk, Gamma Managing Director – Channel, Daryl Pile, will address these cardinal questions and bring them forward in the context of fast moving market opportunities.

    He will also spotlight ways to ensure success by building on existing strengths and creating strategies that truly differentiate.

  • 14.00 – 14.20

    BT Wholesale Interview: Where are we now, and where do we need to be?

    Lockdowns have catalysed technology adoption and as the UK moves towards an all-IP world identifying how to offer interconnected solutions that drive value will be key. The big question: How to manage the challenges and harness the opportunities? In his interview, Gavin Jones, Channel Director at BT Wholesale, will look at the catalysts for an interconnected future including the critical role of innovation, digital transformation, managed services, the move to a zero-latency world with 5G and IoT – and an overall shift towards a layer 3 IT centric model.

  • 14.20 – 14.40
    Zen VisionTalk: The truth about climate change, and why we must all act now

    In his VisionTalk, Zen Internet CEO Paul Stobart will address two of the most relevant issues today – climate change and sustainability. He will look at the bigger picture and demonstrate why taking a line of action that meets the green expectations of organisations and customers through sustainable approaches is vital. He will also demonstrate through the evidence of current science why we need to act right now to build a sustainable future.

  • 14.40 – 15.00
    Zen Internet Fireside interview: Reshaping culture to embrace sustainability

    In his interview Zen Internet CEO Paul Stobart will explain why company culture has to adapt to embrace sustainability, and why business leaders need to reset their own thinking to align to the existential threat of climate change. He will share his personal fears on why net zero commitments may be too little too late, and emphasise why embracing sustainability will matter more and more to all customers. The winners of the next decade, he says, will be those businesses that put climate change at the heart of their strategic ambitions and purpose.

  • 15.00 – 15.05
    Closing remarks
  • 15.15
    Networking 1-to-1 and boardrooms

Day Two

  • 08:15 – 08.45
    Breakfast Briefing (optional): Building a market leading workforce in times of change 

    Managing people to improve retention and engagement and maximising the value of your human resources has never been more important, nor challenging. Is your talent strategy keeping pace? In her Breakfast Briefing, Culture Consultant Kate Wood explores how workforce strategies are playing an ever-increasing role in the sustainability of organisations, none more so than in the fast paced ICT sector which also faces a critical skills gap. She will provide important insights into how to build resilience and empower your workforce through culture and diversity.

  • 09.00 – 09.05
    Conference start: Welcome Comments
  • 09.05 – 09.40
    Bringing leadership to life in the digital workplace

    Author of The Mind Coach, Jamil Qureshi is an internationally recognised innovator in the psychology of performance and leadership, leadership attitudes, improving people, cultural change and team performance. Jamil has led major programmes for Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, Lloyds Banking Group, Emirates Airlines and Serco. He is also one of only a handful of external psychologists to have worked with NASA astronauts. In his session he will discuss how to reassess your thinking amid industry disruption and demonstrate leadership in business change management. Jamil’s expertise will also help you to define your organisation’s future purpose, create long-term value, build sustainability and resilience to change, and discover the keys to successful business model innovation.

  • 09.40 – 10.20

    Driving the charge to transform Britain’s economic fortunes

    CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch established the company in 2011 which, from a standing start, catalysed demand for a full fibre infrastructure that is vital to Britain’s economic growth, business success and society’s daily life experiences. Despite being told  by detractors that his business model was economically impossible to sustain, he has set his sights on continuing the company’s disruptive mission and, in September, smashed the record for a fibre deployment capital raise with £1.125 billion financing. In his fireside interview, Mesch will share insights into his motivations, strategy, personal journey, and why full fibre more than anything else has the power to transform the UK’s economic fortunes – and inspire delegates to also supercharge Britain’s race to all-digital.

  • 10.20 – 10.40
    BT Wholesale VisionTalk - The journey towards all IP: Creating a model for transformation

    With  approximately three million B2B ISDN and PSTN lines available to migrate by 2025, how can channel partners seize the opportunity to move their customers towards a unified portfolio, drive value and offer more flexibility and agility to customers? In his session, Steve Blackshaw, Head of All IP for BT Wholesale, will conduct a granular exploration of the all IP landscape and provide practical guidance on how to build and deploy a transformation model for your customers with confidence.

  • 10.40 – 10:50
    TalkTalk Wholesale Services VisionTalk - Winning in a changing landscape with a challenger and wholesale mindset
    In his keynote, Sir Charles Dunstone, Executive Chairman, TalkTalk Group, will share insights into why TalkTalk Business’ rebrand to TalkTalk Wholesale Services and move to private ownership comes at a critical juncture in the comms sector’s theatre of transformation. With new opportunities presenting as never before, thanks to the rise of full fibre and digital services, Sir Charles says the capacity to take effective action hinges on business transformation, agility and an ever-strengthening commitment to a challenger mindset.
  • 10.50 – 11:20

    TalkTalk Wholesale Fireside interview -Disruption and opportunity in the connectivity space
    The pandemic has changed much about how connectivity is consumed by organisations and in their interview Sir Charles Dunstone and Nick Gunga, Managing Director for Fibre & Wholesale Services at TalkTalk Wholesale Services, share their perspectives on a reconfigured marketplace, and pick up on action points that will enable resellers to draw on full fibre momentum, the launch of 10Gb, focus on growth and deliver a more connected customer experience. They will also discuss the key themes driving full fibre roll outs, their partnership strategy with alternative network providers – and why platforms that deliver these services will become a priority for all businesses.

  • 11.20 - 11.40
    Gamma Fireside interview - Understanding the essentials of a competitive advantage-driven strategy

    In today’s ever-competitive market, raising the bar and deploying targeted strategies for growth will prevent business leaders from being led astray by conventional thinking. More than ever, achieving long-term success requires a new look and a sharp focus on coherent value propositions that provide a competitive advantage. In his Comms Vision interview, Gamma CEO Andrew Taylor shares insights into Gamma’s strategy to differentiate its, and partners’ capabilities in key markets – including UCaaS, CCaaS, mobile and 5G – and how these strategic approaches will help you to grow stronger.

  • 11.45
    Conference break
  • 12.00 – 13.00
    Networking 1-to-1 and boardrooms
  • 13.00 – 13.45
  • 13.50
    Afternoon session
  • 13.50 – 14.10
    Virgin Media Business VisionTalk - Resetting the workplace flexibility opportunity

    The race to bring much needed flexibility to workplaces is barely out of the blocks despite the unprecedented business transformation opportunities that lie ahead. Why? Because the burgeoning market for agile solutions remains a challenge for many channel partners needing the right insight to take them forward. In his VisionTalk, Diego Tedesco, Director of Wholesale Fixed, Virgin Media O2 Business, explores how partners can optimise growth and business value from helping organisations understand the variables that make them become more agile, a quest which could add as much as £232 billion to the UK economy by 2040 (according to a VMB study with the Centre for Economics and Business Research).

  • 14.10 – 14.30
    Virgin Media Business Fireside interview - Harnessing opportunity through agility and adaptability

    For organisations to take advantage of disruption and innovation, agility is essential. And for the channel, opportunities to deliver flexible solutions have never been greater. In his interview, Diego Tedesco, Director of Wholesale Fixed, Virgin Media O2 Business, will discuss why the channel is at a tipping point and why successful partners will be those that secure their future through thinking big and acting small. He will also show how, in this fast moving world, creating new opportunities through high bandwidth connectivity will be critical in building the smart, agile communities of the future. 

  • 14.30 – 15.00
    Special Keynote: Justin King CBE - Preparing for growth through optimised business transformation
    Business transformation in times of disruption demands more than the best possible strategies, it requires an intimate understanding of the company’s culture, values and the customer experience. In his Comms Vision Keynote, former Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King CBE shares insights into how he led the supermarket giant through huge shifts in the retail and supermarket landscape, and shine a light on his leadership approaches, strategic focus, and the vital task of achieving culture change to drive sustainable customer loyalty. Justin was named Most Admired Business Leader by Management Today and identified as Britain’s Most Impressive Businessman in the IPSOS-MORI Captains of Industry Report.
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