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Juniper joins Openwave for mobile video partnership

Juniper Networks has selected Openwave Systems as a strategic partner in a bid to improve the economics of delivering video over mobile networks while enhancing users' viewing experience.

The two firms see huge opportunity in optimisation given the projected trends towards the use of video over mobile networks.

YouTube mobile video driving ‘phenomenal' network usage

More research has indicated the huge growth in mobile data bandwidth usage in 2010 with video streaming continues to be the engine.

Mobile entertainment offerings gain popularity

Expenditure on mobile media grew by more than 15% over the last 12 months according to new research by Futuresource Consulting.

bmcoforum merges with IPTV trade body

One of the top mobile TV trade bodies, the bmcoforum, has announced that it is to merge with the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) as part of a drive for standardisation of mass market services and devices over both fixed and mobile networks.

The move is seen by many as a clear indication of just how much mobile is now a component part of the overall TV industry.

Boom predicted for video-compatible tablets market

New research from Ovum has revealed that global shipments of portable internet devices based on ‘lite' operating systems (OSs), which include tablet computers such as the iPad, will hit 150 million per year in 2015.

Apple reports record iPhone & iPad sales

Apple has reported record sales from its flagship product including the iPhone and iPad.

Mobile TV consortium reveals technology and device partnerships

In a bid to bolster its offering and indeed its relevance, the Mobile Content Venture (MCV) has announced a series of partnerships covering mobile TV content, conditional access and the latest in mobile TV-compatible devices including the latest tablet platforms.

Mobile TV subscribers in US to double by 2013

New research by RNCOS is predicting that the US mobile TV/video market will double by 2013, a CAGR of around 22% from 2009, due mainly due to operators pouring investment into mobile TV, declining service prices, and availability of desirable content.

Mobile HDMI device shipments set to mushroom

New research by industry analyst In-Stat has found that 2010 will mark the first time that the number of mobile phones with HDMI ports will ship in excess of a million units.

Mobile video set for new dimension in 3D surge

Even after about half a decade's worth of trying, mobile TV and video services could not be described as anything approaching mainstream, yet new research suggests that manufacturers are about to unleash 3D technology upon the market.

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