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New voice security for mobile devices

Have you considered who is listening to your business conversations? With more companies adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, there is an urgent requirement for a flexible, cross-platform that ensures the contents of voice communications remain confidential.

Secure Mobile from Sirran Communications is a mobile application that claims to deliver a unique voice security solution on Android and Apple IOS devices, combining strong encryption techniques with the flexibility of calling not only other Secure Mobile users, but also non-users on the global Public Switched Telephone Network.

According to Sirran, the combined flexibility of hybrid secure calling, location-independence and the fact that Secure Mobile works on your existing mobile devices compliments the mobile workspace and the BYOD trend perfectly – with no expense of additional hardware required. It means that wherever you are, you can safeguard against the threat of your voice calls being intercepted and protect your personal and business sensitive information in notoriously unsecured environments like home, public Wi-Fi, airports and overseas to areas that are considered high risk.

“Originally designed and successfully deployed within the military and the intelligence community, Secure Mobile meets and exceeds the highest security demands required,” said Dean Parsons, Founder of SiRRAN Communications. “We are excited to introduce Secure Mobile to the enterprise and consumer marketplace through SiRRAN’s Channel Partner Network.”

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