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Avenir Telecom maintains customer churn on 02 at 8%

Telecoms distributor Avenir Telecom has made further progress in customer retention, maintaining a steady churn rate on the O2 network of just 8%, a figure achieved in October 2009 and carried through into January 2010.

Andy Tow, Managing Director of Avenir Telecom, said: "Avenir was steadily driving down churn throughout last year and October's single-digit result was hailed as one of the lowest sustainable figures achieved by a distributor in the UK mobile marketplace. And that's exactly what we managed again in January to sustain this vital KPI.

"We now have over 12 partners who have sub 5% churn, which we & O2 are looking to replicate across all partners."

David Plumb, Head of SME for O2, added: "This is another fantastic result from Avenir, and continues to set the standard. I am equally delighted that as a channel the entire distributor community delivered single digit churn for the first time.

"Managing customer churn is acknowledged as one of the mobile industry's key recession-beating tactics, which is why we're proud to endorse Avenir Telecom as a key partner in this area."

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