Pangea spotlights benefits of IoT with The Big Data Cycle

When Terence le Poer Trench, Business Development Manager at Pangea, takes part in this year's RideLondon100, he'll not only be raising money for teenage mental charity stem4, he'll also be gathering valuable IoT data on cycling issues.

Pangea will be telling the story of Terence's training over a course of a six week campaign, focusing on how IoT enabled bicycles can keep cyclists safe, help them train harder, and transform how councils tackle complex environmental problems.

The Big Data Cycle will be updated weekly and cover topics across cycling, the environment, and IoT, and will feature analytics gathered from an IoT enabled device on Terence's bike. The sensors on the device will capture information on training sessions, as well as air quality, giving Pangea valuable insights into Terence's training progress and the environment of the surrounding area.

Terence told Comms Dealer: "I'm excited that I'm able to support stem4 in RideLondon100. Not only is this a chance to support an extraordinary charity, but a great chance to get hands on with some tech, look at how IoT can impact the environment, and explore the power of real-time analytics.

"Any support is very much appreciated, and I hope you'll be able to take some time to come along with me by tuning in live on our race day live stream-all courtesy of the Internet of Things!"

In an increasingly connected world, Pangea believes that IoT and M2M can do more than just connect devices, appliances, or vehicles. For Pangea, The Big Data Cycle is about putting a spotlight on the wider impact of IoT, from athletic training and connected cycling, to public health and protecting the environment.

Dan Cunliffe, MD of Pangea, said: "Terence has a passion for cycling and technology. His ride to raise money for stem4 and the IoT story we're creating exemplifies that. We are happy to be supporting a great charity in continuing our many corporate social responsibility initiatives."