Pangea and Solar Log sign global smart metering partnership

Monitoring company Solar-Log is to provide its customers with GPRS connectivity in the 85 countries it services by using the Global M2M network provided by Pangea.

Pangea provides M2M connectivity in over 200 countries across 400 networks.

For the last decade NWT Solar, a division of NWT Energy, has been developing solar power plant solutions across Europe

Tim Haffenden, Technical Director of NWT Solar in the UK, said: "Since Pangea and Solar-Log have been working together on a multi-network service, we have seen a tangible improvement in our service and our issues of coverage have become less of a hassle."

Dan Cunliffe, MD at Pangea, added: "We were introduced to the team at Solar-Log when a client of ours said they struggled to connect to the Solar-Log device.

"We did some trials and eventually showed that we could resolve this issue with our SMART Connectivity and platform."

Tim Haffenden, Technical Director at NWT Solar, added: "Pangea and Solar-Log are our device and M2M connectivity partners of choice and have made it so much easier to focus on our products rather than be concern about the setup, as it just works. We are excited to work closer with them in the future."