IoT industry needs to focus more on demand

The Internet of Things industry is confusing need with demand according to Mischa Dohler, Professor King's College London and Co-founder of Worldsensing.

"People don't care about smart homes and smart cities, they care about better healthcare and less congestion," said Dohler.

Simon Fletcher, CTO at Real Wireless and Chair of the Future of Wireless International Conference (FWIC), added: "From a vertical market perspective the pace of technology change in IoT and nascent 5G can be daunting. What is becoming more important is a change in thinking to focus more on the demand side and identifying where the IoT can make a real difference, rather than just a technology push."

Jon Carter, UK head of Business Development at Deutsche Telecom, said: "Telcos have recognised both the threats and opportunities presented by the IoT and are responding to the need for innovation and creativity to be at the heart of the consumer IoT ecosystem."