TDAzlan offers BYOD security following Bradford Networks link up

TDAzlan, the enterprise networking business unit of Computer 2000, has formed a new partnership with Bradford Networks, a provider of network access control solutions.

The move brings the company's Network Sentry platform within the reach of thousands of HP Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking Group (ESSN) partners in the UK, presenting them with the opportunity to address the security issues around BYOD for their customers.

"The challenges that BYOD brings end user organisations around security and compliance issues are very considerable," said Nigel Dunn, Azlan UK Director of HP ESSN. "That presents good opportunities for network VARs and integrators to deliver solutions that will ensure all devices on the network can be effectively monitored and managed."

Bradford Networks' Network Sentry gives organisations greater visibility and tighter control of IT policy, allowing employees access to the company network through both corporate issued and personal mobile devices.

It creates a profiled view of all devices on the network, eliminating blind spots and ensuring secure access. IT departments can track and monitor individual devices and use real-time and historical data to make informed decisions about network security and usage. Network Sentry can be delivered via a hardware appliance, a virtual server, or cloud solution in


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