Regional survey finds north-south divide

Resellers based in the north are more optimistic about their prospects and the industry compared to their counterparts in the south, according to a regional survey by Content Guru and Cable&Wireless Worldwide carried out during twin launch events for NGWare, a suite of cloud-based voice services.

The events were staged at London's Century Club in Piccadilly and Manchester's Etihad Stadium, home of reigning Barclays Premier League Champions Manchester City.

A third of resellers based in London and Manchester felt ‘very positive' about their business, while 4% of northern resellers feel ‘neutral' versus 12% in the south.

Meanwhile, 50% of northern resellers feel ‘positive' about the telecoms industry but just 38% in the south are optimistic.

The survey showed caution about the health of the wider economy: 32% of attendees at both events reported feeling ‘very positive' about their business, but only 16% felt the same about the telecoms industry and just 4% shared this sentiment about the economy as a whole.

The survey also asked what three themes they felt would be most important for their business over the next 12 months.

Cloud and data were noted by respondents as the important themes over the coming year, and SIP trunking and unified communications were the services UK resellers felt would be key to their growth.

According to the survey, cloud was considered to be the most important theme by 76% of resellers, followed by UC (54%) and hosted (52%).

SIP trunking was considered to be one of the key services for commercial success: 60% thought hosting would be critical to their business and 58% said the same for data.

A third of respondents noted that resilience would be an important issue, while platform and self-management of services was also critical for 20%.

Hosted was the topic that provoked the biggest geographic divide between north and south, with 67% of Manchester attendees including it among their top three picks versus just 38% of London respondents.

Asked what kinds of services resellers expected to help grow their business over the coming year, SIP trunking topped the list, noted by 66% of all respondents, with the north predominating over the south at 79% vs 54% respectively.

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