O2 Wholesale announces Summer Savings promotion

O2 Wholesale has announced its Summer Savings promotion, to coincide with the start of the bandwidth-heavy summer. Between 1 July and 30 September, O2 Wholesale is giving partners £10 for every migration and £5 for every new connection made.

Additionally, O2 Wholesale is adding free connections on all orders and migrations as well as offering monthly advice and support to make the most of the incentive. On just 100 migration orders partners can achieve a saving of £5,000.

Dan Cunliffe, Head of Strategy & Partners O2 Wholesale said: "With movement to the cloud, BYOD adoption and a broadband heavy summer of sport, many businesses will be forced to rethink their broadband strategy over the coming months. More than ever before partners need to recognise how critical unlimited usage, robust upload speeds and abundant capacity have become."

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