Nimans extend Siemens incentive

Nimans has extended its incentive for selling Siemens Enterprise Communication technology from May 25th to the end of September.

Under the scheme dealers can earn up to £150 for every system sale, with cash rewards credited on individual incentive award Mastercards.

To qualify, resellers first need to register online. Once sales have been verified cash will be charged within 72 hours to their OpenScape Office + MasterCard (sent out as soon as the first claim is approved). A table of rewards range from £15 for a HiPath 500 system up to £150 for an OpenScape Office LX UC platform.

Paul Burn, Head of System Sales at Nimans, said: "We understand it's getting tougher to persuade customers to part with their budgets. That's why when dealers succeed we want to reward them for all their hard work."

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