Getronics uses investment to boost own cloud

Investment fund AURELIUS is making a €10m investment in recently acquired Getronics Europe to extend its cloud offerings and end-to-end managed services, including hosting of business applications, online environments and standard IT services through the platform.

Following the acquisition by AURELIUS, Getronics says it is now able to run advanced private cloud applications in support of its new global infrastructure. This new infrastructure provides a single platform for the whole Getronics group, so that employees can use a single system and the whole group can share services.

Andreas Ziegenhain, CEO of Getronics, commented: "We guarantee that our company can continue to grow in all areas, given our parent company is continuing to invest in us. Thanks to the investments we are an even better connected organization with employees who work together on a platform and service parts."

"This additional investment in our company, just weeks after the acquisition, help us stay considerably ahead and consequently gives our customers significant improvements. The new cloud offering allows us to offer our customers a complete package of managed services to be delivered, so that they absolutely sure that their IT assets safe in our hands."

"Moreover, with the acquisition and investment Getronics can grow into a global company competing with other major players in the market of IT services can handle. International cooperation is crucial for our strategy to develop successfully. The fact that our employees worldwide now use the same infrastructure, helps us tremendously to all our customers with the benefits of services previously only available in certain countries."

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