Exclusive Group sells majority stake to PE firm Permira

Distributor Exclusive Group has sold a majority stake to private equity firm Permira as it seeks investment to expand its service offerings, vendor portfolio, operations and global footprint.

Exclusive Group CEO Olivier Breittmayer stated: "The partnership with Permira preserves and builds upon the business culture and platform that our people have shaped over the last decade."    
Exclusive Group attributes much of its growth to a ‘global-local' value model and a sharp focus on the cyber security and cloud migration markets, a strategy that has driven strong organic growth with revenues doubled every two years, bringing total sales for 2017 of 1.75bn euros (up 38% from 1.27bn euros in 2016).
Michail Zekkos, Partner in the technology team at Permira, said: "The escalating threat landscape and the increasing complexity of underlying infrastructures continues to position cyber security as one of the fastest growing and resilient segments of global IT spend.

"In a market that is characterised by structurally high product velocity, we believe that the role of value added services and technologies will become ever more critical in years ahead."
The transaction is expected to close in the next few months.