Datapoint keeps businesses moving with Avaya

Datapoint has partnered with Avaya to combine its presence, video and web conferencing, messaging and mobility unified communications (UC) with the Avaya Flare Experience, a user interface for easy access to real-time communications and collaboration tools.

"It is often thought that BYOD is a battle between businesses and employees - the latter lobbying for their right to connect to corporate networks, and the former grudgingly giving away ground little by little, unable to hold back the tide," says Jim Close, Managing Director of Datapoint.

"It can pose a real challenge in terms of team integration, but with the right tools in place, businesses can transition seamlessly, stay integrated, and gain an all important competitive edge."

Nigel Moulton, Director CTO Office EMEA at Avaya, commented: "The Avaya Flare Experience can be extended to devices already owned by contractors, dramatically reducing costs, raising productivity, and enhancing team integration. It means that employees can always be there, even when they're not there."

Moulton also noted that many employees now demand to work on their own terms, on their device of choice. Businesses are able to install the Avaya Flare Experience onto desktops, iPads and other mobile devices, or on the Avaya Desktop Video Device (ADVD) - or a mixture of all three.

For example, ADVD for conference rooms or executive desks, tablet and Windows-based versions for mobile workers or desk-bound employees. It creates a common experience across all three, ensuring organisations can collaborate quickly and effectively.

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