Comvurgent launches Mp3 recorder

Comvurgent is launching its Secure Digital Telephone Call Recorder this May, which will store 170 hours of recording per gigabyte of SD card memory.

Phil Hill, CEO at Comvurgent, states the real highlight of this product is its price. “There are recorders with built in memory around, but they are several hundred pounds, up to £800 in some instances. What we’ve done is taken mass market mp3 and SD-card technology and built it into a specifically designed recorder that can be connected into your phone network for just £149.”

The smartly designed invention from Comvurgent is designed to be utilised by small businesses or individual corporate users that wish to record from a single line. Once recorded, the data can be transferred to a PC for download.

Hill adds: “What drives us in the call recording market is to make it low cost. Memory technology has just been crashing down in price, so all we do is hook it together with simple networking technology or plug and play PCs.”

Additionally, the product is launching with a Bluetooth slot that in an updated version due out late this summer, users will be able to record via Bluetooth from mobile phones. This will increase the appeal of the product to end users, states Hill.

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