How Focus4U unified TGWU

ralphThe Transport and General Works Union (TGWU) is the UK's largest general union with over 800,000 members throughout the UK and Ireland and 80 sites across the region.

The Union aims to represent members of the workforce and improve their rights and conditions, and a key factor in achieving its objectives is an efficient comms system. The TGWU's legacy system offered insufficient services and was inflexible and expensive to run and maintain. TGWU approached Focus4U to solve its telephony issues and help find an alternative solution that matched the organisation's needs. With over 80 sites throughout the UK, the TGWU was spending a substantial amount making site-to-site calls. The company was also undergoing continuous changes, such as internal relocations and resizing and needed a telephony system which was flexible and easy to transfer. Its previous phone system was costing money in manpower to engineer and was also complex and time consuming to maintain.

The TGWU required a more flexible and lower costing phone system and the Union didn't want to be stuck with a phone system that required ongoing investment. TGWU also needed an entire upgrade of its old and outdated phone systems, and needed a service that offered new and improved features. Focus4U deployed Gamma Telecom's Communicator telephony system designed for multi-site businesses, offering of free site-to-site calls.

Ralph Gilbert, Managing Director at Focus4U, commented: "Focus4U has been working with Gamma Telecom for the last four years. Focus4U currently holds about 350 licensees of the Communicator phone system and there is potential for this number to increase in the upcoming months."

Free calls also extend to employees who work from home, in distributed offices or international satellite offices. The system also gives all staff access to their own voicemail, auto attendant and hunt groups, meaning that customer calls will never be lost. The cost saving is substantial. For example, as well as the free site-to-site calls the system saves money by reducing the manpower costs involved in managing the system. The system is also easily scalable and flexible for a company that is expanding, shrinking, or on the move, the company only has to pay for what it needs.

Richard Bligh, Marketing Director at Gamma Telecom, commented: "The Communicator is treated as one phone system per company as opposed to having one phone system per site. This is much easier to manage and makes the billing much for straightforward for the reseller and the end user."

Tony Johnson at the TGWU added: "We are finding our new phone system much more efficient. The main benefit is that the TGWU has seen some significant cost savings, which was the dominant reason for the upgrade in the first place. The Union has also seen many other advantages, such as the extra features which we have found useful and now can't be without, and crucially it has offered us a much more flexible service."

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